Flood Damage Assessment Form

By filling out a Damage Assessment Questionnaire, you provide your County Emergency Management Agency a helpful tool to track what properties have been affected. The questionnaire will consist of answering a few questions about structural damage and personal loss. If you do not have internet access and are unable to reach out to someone with internet, web access is also available at the library, some churches and you may also contact the Jefferson County Commissioners office at 812-265-8944 to set up a time for you to come in and fill out the form online. The damage assessment form is very important for our community to receive funding. Even if you do not need assistance and you had damage, it helps the entire community as a whole to get funding. Please be aware that this form is NOT an application for assistance. This information will be used by your County EMA Director and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security with preliminary damage assessments and to determine if federal assistance can be pursued. It is very important for anyone with damage to fill out this form.

Donate Now to Flood Victims in our County

When you are on the donate page-make sure to specify you are donating for the FLOOD.

100% of all proceeds will be used to help the flood victims in our County.

100% of all donations are tax deductible


Clean Up Information


Pop-up Locations will be determined at a later date or you can contact the Health Department at 812-273-1942.

Jefferson County Recycle Center

Once the Damage Assessment team comes to assess your property (approximately scheduled to begin Sunday, March 4th) someone on the team will hand a Disposal Guidelines flyer explaining what items the Recylce Center will accept. By taking your flyer with you to the Recycle Center, the Recycle Center will waive all fees on electronics and refrigerant bearing items that were destroyed due to the flood. You must take this flyer with you to get your fees waived! 

Items to take to the Recycle Center

  • Televisions, Computers & Accessories
  • Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Window AC Units
  • Cleaning Chemicals, Paints & Stains
  • Herbicides & Pesticides
  • Flammable Items & Acids
  • Fluorescent Bulbs

Jefferson County Recycle Center
6556 N. Shun Pike Road #534 (inside Jefferson Proving Grounds)
Madison, IN 47250
Recycling Center: Mon.-Fri. 7:00am-3:00pm and on the Second and Fourth Sat. from 8:00am-Noon


The Salvation Army and The Red Cross are coordinating all volunteer programs. If your organization would like to volunteer, organize your own group with names of each member and call the Salvation Army at 812-265-2157.

What Should I Do if I Am a Victim of a Flood?

Get to higher ground.

  • Evacuate if flooding is possible.
  • Have alternate escape routes in case one is blocked.
  • Take pets with you if you evacuate. However, many shelters usually do not allow pets inside due to sanitary conditions so plan accordingly.
  • Do not try and drive through water. As little as 2 feet can wash away most vehicles, and just a few inches can stall a vehicle or wash away the roadway.
  • Do not try to cross moving water on foot. As little as a few inches can knock an adult off their feet.
  • Monitor TV, radio and social media to find out what actions to take next.